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Saturday, September 23, 2023
About Us is a purely volunteer, grassroots citizens group located in South Davis County, Utah. We have no formal membership, no officers and no budget. Everything we do and everything on this website is the result of citizens donating their time and resources.

We define tax fairness as the collection of the absolute minimum amount of revenue necessary to fund the core functions of government and as the effective and efficient management of taxpayer funds.

While most tax groups operate at the state or national level, we focus on taxes and the management of hundreds of millions of dollars of public funds at the city, county and special district levels. This does not, of course, preclude us from taking positions on state or national taxes since they impact us as well.

We do not oppose all taxes. In fact, we recognize that taxes are necessary to fund core functions of government and we supported "renewing" an existing bond in order to pay for jail construction.  At the same time, we advised County officials that we expected them to find operating funds for the new facility within existing revenues rather than through new taxes. 

We do oppose taxes for non-core functions of government such as the arts or fitness centers that are most appropriately handled by volunteer organizations, service groups, non-profits and/or private businesses. And we provide continuous oversight of public officials to ensure that they do not mismanage or improperly use taxpayer funds.

We believe:

  • that it's our money, not the government's.
  • that taxes are necessary to fund the core functions of government.
  • that elected officials should focus on controlling expenditures, limiting government and reducing taxes.
  • that if left unchecked, public officials will constantly increase taxes and spending in response to never-ending pressures from corporate and other special interests.
  • that citizens must provide oversight of public officials in order to minimize taxes, avoid government waste and mismanagement, and limit the size and scope of government.

Please take a tour of this website. You will find News and Views on taxes immediately to the left on this page, an opportunity to Get Involved  and Resources to help both you and your public officials be more effective. You can help us by becoming informed, by contributing you views so we can post them to this site, by getting involved in our projects that are listed under the Resources tab or by starting a citizens group in your community.

Thanks for accessing our website and for getting involved in whatever way you can.

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