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Saturday, September 23, 2023
Downloadable Documents

HB107 Fact Sheet

Salt Lake Chamber - Complete Chamber Plan

I-9 Form

I-9 Perjury Charges

Salt Lake Chamber - SCR1 - Testimony Guest Worker Plan

In-State Tuition - HB208 - Arguments Against

In-State Tuition - HB208 - Frequently Asked Questions

Illegal, But Not Undocumented: Identity Theft, Document Fraud and Illegal Employment

This report looks at the crimes committed by illegal aliens in order to obtain jobs (document fraud, perjury, identity theft) and the impact that those crimes have on American citizens.


HB64 Deterring Illegal Immigration

HJR25 - Resolution on Hiring Legal Workers

Alliance for Unity & In-State Tuition 2008

In this document, religious and community leaders call on legislators to leave the special in-state tuition program in place in spite of the fact that many of the beneficiaries are committing multiple job related felonies (document fraud, perjury on I-9 forms and identity theft) in order to get jobs to pay their tuition.


Alliance for Unity & In-State Tuition 2007

In this document, religious and community leaders call on legislators to leave the special in-state tuition program in place in spite of the fact that many of the beneficiaries are committing multiple job related felonies (document fraud, perjury on I-9 forms and identity theft) in order to get jobs to pay their tuition.


Employers Paying Wages to SSNs of Children

This document, distributed on the floor of the Utah House of Representatives by Representative Karen Morgan, states that 1,626 companies were found to be paying wages to the Social Security numbers (SSNs) of Utah children on public assistance under age 13.  It also contains a list of SSNs that are being used by more than one adult.


Myths dispelled about Illegal Immigration

Eagle Forum Presentation 1-16-10.  Dispels three myths about illegal immigration -  1. that illegal aliens are undocumented, 2. that they are law abiding, and 3. that illegal immigration is a victimless crime.


Immunity for Illegal Aliens

Illegal aliens are treated like diplomats.
In-State Tuition - Enrollees and Cost Fall 2009

Listing of number of illegal aliens enrolled in each Utah university and college with an estimated cost to taxpayers.


E-Verify - Utah employers using E-Verify as of July 6, 2010

A list of employers with more than five employees who were using E-Verify as of July 2010.


E-Verify - Handout for employers on Utah Requirements

A one page handout that can be given to employers to make them aware of E-Verify requirements and how the use of E-Verify will protect Utah children from illegal alien driven, job-related identity theft.


Burbank Study on Illegal Alien Crime Rates

A study co-authored by the Salt Lake City Police Chief that uses Salt Lake police records to demonstrate that illegal aliens do not commit crimes at an inordinate rate.

The study fails to note that Salt Lake City is largely a sanctuary city so crime statistics are understated and that Salt Lake police, like most police departments, ignore the document fraud (felony) committed by 75% of all illegal aliens and illegal alien driven, employment-related identity theft that impacts an estimated 50,000 Utah children.

The Study concludes that the citizens of Salt Lake City and the police who supported SB81 did so because of racism.


Kansas State Auditor Studies on Illegal Immigration

A review of studies on the cost/benefits of illegal immigration.


Kansas Auditor Report - Executive Summary

Executive Summary of a report by the Kansas Auditor on the findings of studies on the impacts of illegal immigration.


UCOII Illegal Alien Family Transition Proposal 6-23-11

Copy of a working document for a national Illegal Alien Family Transition Pilot Program.


Morton Memo Stopping Certain Deportation 8-20-10

Memo from Assistant Secretary John Morton providing guidance on handling removal proceedings of aliens with pending or approved applications or petitions.

Fact Sheet - Mitt Romney on Illegal Immigration

This is a fact sheet showing positions that Mitt Romney took on illegal immigration while governor of Massachusetts.
In-State Tuition - Legislative History


Illegal Immigration and True Compassion

Comparison of misguided and true compassion.  PowerPoint presentation for Eagle Forum convention 1-15-11.


HB116 - Utah Amnesty Act Provisions

This document contains a breakdown of problems associated with HB116, the Utah Amnesty Acty.
Salt Lake Chamber

2008 and 2010 Guest Worker Plans
Illegal Aliens Granted Immunity

Illegal aliens treated like diplomats.
Washington County E-Verify Ordinance

Ordinance passed on 10-18-11.
Davis Convention Handout - LDS Statement

Powerpoint Presentation March 31, 2012

Powerpoint containing sections on child identity theft, national survial, LDS Church and illegal immigration, and what you can do.

E-Verify - Utah March 15, 2012

List of Utah employers with 5 or more employees enrolled in E-Verify.
Immigration Commission - Costs for Study (Tobias)

List of costs to be included in a cost benefit study.
Proposed Agenda Ut Com on Immigration and Migration

Agenda proposed by citizen members of the Utah Commission on Immigration and Migration (April 2, 2012 meeting).
Mero E-Mail to Tobias

Mero objects to public input by e-mail or Facebook.

No Educational Statistics Available

Copy of Utah Department of Education letter advising schools that they cannot deny enrollment to illegal aliens or collect statistics on the number of illegal alien children or childre of illegal aliens in Utah public schools.
Immigration - Costs - Legislative Research

Immigration - Summary Costs - Utah Taxpayers

Riggs Transcript on Chamber Roll on HB116 - Utah Compact

Riggs - Audio Immigration Works Conference Call

Testimony - SB225 - Extend Start Date HB116

Full text of testimony that Senators Valentine and Bramble tried to prevent going on the record.  Includes links to audio and transcripts of Salt Lake Chamber telling how they were behind the Utah Compact and why HB116 is unconstitutional.
Identity Theft - AG Press Release and Articles

Salt Lake Chamber - Recall Senators

Fact Sheet about selling voter birth dates

Explanation of how the state of Utah facilitates scams of senior citznes by selling voter information including name, address, phone and date of birth. 
Wining and Dining Legislators


Third House Calendar as of 1-25-11.

Right to Vote versus Right to Privacy

Letter from Democrat and Republican parties demanding that citizens give up the right to privacy in order to vote.
Fact Sheet on sale of voter records

The state of Utah sells the personal information of all registered voters to anyone willing to pay for it - name, address, phone number and month, day and year of birth.
House Social Calendar

Events for legislators - Utah House of Representatives 2013
Purchasers of voter list 2011-2012

List of persons and organizations purchasing Utah voter registration list.
2014 House Social Calendar 1-24-14



Voter List - Domestic Violence Victim Impact

Listen to the testimony of a domestic violence victim to a Utah House committee.  She explains the impact that the posting of the list with her personal identifying information has had on her.

Voter List - Lt. Gov and County Clerk Letter - Senate

Voter List - Lt. Gov and County Clerk Letter - House

Blue Note - With Valentine Response (HB302)

Hand written response in darker blue ink.
2021 Legislator Contact Info

Republican State Central Committee 3-23-13

Utah County - Pro Utah Compact Platform E-Mail

Utah County - Utah Compact Platform Opposition

Caucus Demands by Leavitt, et. al.

Salt Lake Chamber - Enemy of Taxpayers

Deseret News article - 2006.
Weiler Ethics Complaint and Resolution

Require a double majority to pass ballot propositions

Four Stepts to Protect Yourself and Your Children from Identity Theft

Downloadable brochure.
Utah Driver License Division and U of U MOA

Agreement and description of personal identifying information shared by the Driver License Division with the University of Utah.


This document was distributed to most Utah State Senators prior to the Senate vote on HB290.  In spite, of my opposition to HB290, the Senate passed it unanimously with 4 being absent.  The House had previously passed it with only two dissenting votes - Representatives Roberts and Seegmiller.  

Bountiful FY2020-2021

Shows sources of revenue including power rate changes and customer charge increase.
Parable of the Skunks - Congress

Parable of the Skunks - Utah - Intro

Civic-Politico Elite

Compare to military industrial complex.

Bountiful FY2020 Budget

Includes property tax increase recommendation and TNT info.
Property Taxes
Davis District Increase - Fact Sheet June 2012

Civic Politico Business Complex

Power Fund Transfer 2020-2021

Helps keep property taxes low
Power Fund Transfer 2019-2020

Helps keep property taxes low.
Sewer District fee and property tax

2021 proposed.
Trails - Look at age who oppose

Comment by member of Trails Committee who objects to older people retaining their property rights and not allowing a trail through their property.
Plaza and City Hall Budgeted Amount 9-17-20

E-Mail with budgeted costs
Washington Elementary - demolition and site prep

Cost to demolish the school and cost spent on leveling, irrigation system, top soil, sod.
Letter opposing bond

Letter to the Editor - Clipper - Larry Mulcock 10-9-20
Bountiful Park and Trails Bond - FAQs

Downloadable .pdf tri-fold brochure
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