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Monday, June 27, 2022
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Home Co-Founder Ronald Mortensen is a candidate for the Utah State Legislature.

Ronald Mortensen, Ph.D. - House District 20

Written by Ronald Mortensen 4-5-22

About Dr. Mortensen (For more details about Dr. M’s  life and career click here or type in

  • Vietnam Era Veteran; helped realize the 100% privately funded Bountiful Veterans Park.

  • Retired career diplomat and international humanitarian.

  • Certified concealed carry instructor.

  • Nominated three times by President Donald J. Trump to be an Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration.

  • Worked with legislators for over five years to make it possible for us to make our voter registration records private since the state sells them and they are posted to the internet on Ron also was the driving force behind legislation that reduced an epidemic of illegal immigrant driven, job-related child identity theft in Utah by 80% and played a key role in getting legislation introduced and passed that allows us to make our driver’s license records private.

Dr. Mortensen is the Republican Party Endorsed Candidate

Since Dr. Mortensen garnered 57% of the vote at the Davis County Republican Party Convention, he is the Party’s endorsed candidate. Unlike the incumbent—Melissa Ballard—he did not buy a place on the primary election ballot by paying thousands of dollars to signature collectors and he is not paying a firm led by powerful lobbyists to help run his campaign. Furthermore, you won’t see hundreds of signs nor receive slick mailings from him since he doesn’t accept cash campaign contributions. Rather he will meet as many of you in person as possible while volunteers hand-deliver written information to voters.

Why support Dr. Mortensen

To put it bluntly, Dr. Mortensen is more conservative than the incumbent and has a record of standing up for average Utahns rather than aligning himself with the rich and powerful.

  • He would never have voted to impose an additional 3.1% state sales tax on food which is $3.10 on every $100 bag of groceries and he would never have voted for a 4.85% state sales tax on gasoline which is $4.85 on every $100 fill-up—but the incumbent did.  In Fact, Dr. Mortensen was  a member of the referendum group that forced the legislature to rescind these sales tax increases.

  • He would never consider denying you the right to vote for your representative on the state school board by having the governor appoint the entire board—but the incumbent would.

  • He would never vote to give your drivers license records to the University of Utah complete with your date of birth, mother’s maiden name and SSN—but the incumbent did.

  • He would never vote to make our children more vulnerable to illegal immigrant driven identity theftbut the incumbent did.

  • He doesn’t stand with the elites who have given us uncontrolled growth, high density, unaffordable housing and a reduced quality of lifebut the incumbent does.

So what will he do

  • He will make all of the information that the state collects on us totally private so the state cannot give it away, share it or sell it.

  • He will support the right of parents to control their children’s education.

  • He will oppose one-size-fits-all mandates.

  • He will oppose bills that socialize business costs while privatizing the profits since this increases the tax burden on the middle class and prices Utahns out of the housing market.

  • He will encourage the community to achieve great things through private initiatives such as the 100% privately funded and constructed Bountiful Veterans Park rather than forcing taxpayers to pay for them.

  • He will rescind stupid laws and regulations.

Printed by Ronald Mortensen and those supporting him using materials on hand. Ron is always pleased to hear from you - 801 638 7937; Also, Facebook: RonforHouse20; Website:

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