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Saturday, September 23, 2023




Now that the citizens of South Davis County have paid their 2005 property taxes, once again asks the current Mayors of Bountiful, Centerville, North Salt Lake, West Bountiful and Woods Cross:


Why did you approve a tax levy for the South Davis Recreation District that is 33% higher than the rate you promised the voters prior to the bond election for the recreation center?


The official voter information pamphlet prepared by Bountiful City officials and distributed to voters at public expense, stated:  “Property taxes to build the center and operate and maintain it will be about $40 per year on a home with an assessed value of $180,000…” 


Mayor Joe Johnson, writing in the May 2004 Bountiful City Newsletter wrote: “On the average ($180,000 assessed value) home the property tax cost would be approximately $3 a month, with future new growth in all of those cities projected to lower that cost over time.”


If taxpayers will check their tax bills, they will discover that the actual tax levy is not approximately $36 per year as Mayor Johnson stated nor even about $40 as promised in the Voter Information Pamphlet but $53 per $180,000 assessed value.  This is a 33% difference. calls upon the mayors who voted this levy while acting in their capacity as board members of the South Davis Recreation District and the Davis County Commissioners who officially set this levy to explain why they didn’t respect promises made to the voters. 


We also request that the South Davis Recreation District return the excess taxes to those who pay them.


“It is incredible that city and county officials treat commitments made to the voters with such disdain,” said Mark England, a participant in 


In addition, questions why taxpayers are paying over $500,000 for operating and maintenance costs of a center that does not even exist. 


“Why is the South Davis Recreation District board taking taxpayer money to operate and maintain a center that isn’t even built and what will they use it for?” asked Bill Ball, a Bountiful resident.


Click on the link to read more about this in the Standard Examiner:

Group says Bountiful broke promise in raising taxes for rec center


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