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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Shallengerger Signs Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Wendell Shallenberger Signs’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge


Wendell Shallenberger, write-in candidate for Iron County Commission, has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.    He is the first candidate in Southern Utah to sign the Pledge.


By signing the Pledge, Mr. Shallenberger formally commits to oppose all tax increases that come before the County Commission during his term of office.  (A copy of the signed  Pledge can be found in Attachment 1 below.  An explanation of what the Pledge does and does not do is included in Attachment 2).


Upon signing the Pledge, Mr. Shallenberger stated, “I am fully committed to controlling and rolling back Iron county’s taxes while at the same time managing spending which has grown totally out of control.  By signing this Pledge, I am giving my solemn word to the citizens of Iron County that I will stand up for taxpayers and put an end to runaway taxes and spending.” is a Davis County organization and a member of the Utah wide Citizens Coalition for Tax Fairness which brings grassroots taxpayer groups throughout the state together.  Mr. Shallenberger contacted and asked to sign the Pledge. defines tax fairness as the collection of the absolute minimum amount of revenue necessary to fund the core functions of government and as the effective and efficient management of taxpayer funds.  It does not oppose all taxes.  For more information about CitizensForTaxFairness go to


According to Ronald Mortensen, a co-founder of, “Our experience is that candidates who decline to sign the Pledge inevitably end up increasing taxes, raising spending and expanding government.  When candidates contact us and ask to sign the Pledge, it is a clear indication that they will keep their word to the voters and refuse to increase taxes.” 


When asked what he would do in case of a major emergency impacting Iron county, such as an earthquake, Mr. Shallenberger responded: “Should a major disaster strike that would be exactly the wrong time to raise taxes.  Why would you raise taxes on citizens who have suffered great losses and are trying to put their lives back together? 


When asked how he would cover inflationary increases, Mr. Shallenberger said:  “Rather than increasing taxes to meet inflationary increases, I will shift funds from nice-to-have programs to the higher priority, core functions of government such as public safety, public health and welfare and public infrastructure.  I will also make county departments fully justify every penny in their budgets each and every year.” 

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