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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Heard at the Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force meeting on October 22, 2019



Those paying income taxes are a “reservoir of funds that is available to us.” The tax rate can be adjusted [to tap the reservoir] based on the state’s needs for revenue.


The property tax is a “benefit tax.” It adds value to the landowner’s property.


Infrastructure such as roads and highways should be funded by property taxes but water infrastructure should be funded by user fees.


People can be land rich and cash poor. These people shouldn’t be forced to sell their property in order to pay the taxes. If people are land rich and cash poor they need to develop their property. If they don’t develop it, they should sell it.


A carbon tax should be implemented in order to raise an additional $680 million per year.


Do you intend for the state to keep the additional $200 million generated by your tax proposal?  Yes.


How was it determined which services would be taxed?  They are easy to implement, paid by the consumer and easy to put on and take off. 


People who have investment income don’t need their social security income and can afford to pay state income tax on it.





“I didn’t hear anyone on this committee address cutting state spending or even slowing the growth of state spending.”  (Ron Mortensen)


I am a taxpayer and object to being considered a reservoir of funds available to the state.  (Ron Mortensen)


How about imposing a sales tax on campaign contributions?  If that had been in place, members of this committee would have paid $170,000 in sales taxes.  (Ron Mortensen)


The proposed service providers that will be taxed exclude the “student debt” professions such financial services, medical providers, attorneys, etc.


Taxing precious metals, including gold coins, would impose a sales tax on an IRA eligible asset.


“Keep your minds on the Boston Tea Party.”


These proposals increase complexity rather than reducing it, create non-permanent tax policies, lack fairness and are neither simple nor transparent.


There is no demand for a tax cut. Utah’s tax burden is lower than in the past. There are many unmet needs that require more funding.


It is really hard to define what candy is for sales tax purposes. Licorice is not candy. Cotton candy is not candy. Chocolate chips are candy.


Representatives of the Utah Taxpayers Association and Sutherland Institute praised many parts of the proposed tax overhaul.


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